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KoKast Installs Ultimate Curved ‘Infinity’ Screen TV for Family’s Home Theater

No matter what type of content is displayed, this massive ‘hybrid’ screen immerses the audience in the action. Over the years, the definition of home theater has shifted drastically. Consumers want the large, immersive experience they’ve come to expect from a traditional home theater display, but with additional functionality. Well, KoKast has come up with the solution: an ultra-wide, 180-degree curved screen TV designed for just about everything.

The massive display allows the company’s clients to start their day with an immersive Peloton bike ride through the Rockies, switch over to a triple monitor home office, meditate in Tahiti for lunch, and end the day with James Bond chasing down the bad guys.

It’s the diverse applications of the curved Infinity Screen TV are what brought this award-winning project/product to life.

14-Foot-Wide Curved Screen TV Delivers Infinite Entertainment

The Beverly Hills project began because of KoKast customers who were searching for uber-immersive entertainment without neglecting the human connection as a crucial factor in the overall experience. As such, the project was designed to allow the client to bring his family and friends on the journey of the content with him.

The new approach by KoKast to digital entertainment reflected by its custom-designed curved Infinity Screen Nebula Class TV combines the comfort of a traditional home theater setting with the immersive factor of an early-stage holodeck. KoKast created an extraordinary, sensory environment that allowed its clients to immerse themselves completely right from their home, experiencing concerts, films, games and more like never before. The Future of Digital Lighting & Control As a custom integrator, lighting is in demand. Effective communication, education and showcasing the value proposition of LED light fixtures in conjunction with integrative control systems are the keys to overcoming challenges and closing sales in this specialized market. Join us as we discuss the future of digital lighting and control with David Warfel from Light Can Help You and Patrick Laidlaw and Mark Moody from AiSPIRE. Register Now!

Referred to as a hybrid home entertainment system, the aspect ratio of the TV changes along with the content, all while presenting a crisp image over a 180-degree curved screen. After all, “the wide availability of content is what now rules an entertainment space,” according to KoKast CEO Thore Weber. “8K TVs had been out for a few years but they hadn’t taken off due to lack of content. The most obvious answer and our grand compromise is to hybridize the system.”

Now, instead of the system exclusively being a large, immersive curved screen display, it also functions as a dynamic aspect ratio display that plays every movie, concert, film, game and more in perfect aspect ratio, producing an extraordinary, sensory experience to TV viewing.

The system is primed and ready to display a wide assortment of content, in an aspect ratio, utilizing all or a portion of the screen. Multiple streams of video can share the same screen, making it as useful for conducting multi-attendee videoconference meetings as side-by-side gaming competitions. The flexibility of the setup ensures the media space of the owners is always fresh, current and engaging.

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